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We produce and test steel ropes

We have been connected with the industry of lifting and securing equipment since 2001, initially gaining our experience in big corporations such as Spanset. In 2009, in Bielsko Biała, we have began the production of lashing tapes, round slings and wire rope slings, offering everything which is necessary for the lifting industry- steel wire ropes, hoists, shackles and other lifting accessories. Our warehouse in Bielsko Biała equals 5300 m2, and it includes a sewing roon and an automatic machine which produces one way slings. Having been observant to the market needs, we have noticed the increased demand for small diameter steel wire ropes which typically had to be imported to Europe from Asia. In response we have decided in 2021 to build a factory of wire rope in Włocławek, which produces steel wire ropes with diameter of 1-12 mm

We have chosen Włocławek as it has been a Polish capital of wire ropes for 200 years. This allowed us to gain many experienced and knowledgeable employees. Currently we have 2 production sites in Włocławek, however our gradually increasing group of wonderful and satisfied clients allowed us to engage in yet another developement of our production site in 2023. In stock, we have a wide variety of items in the most common sizes and diameters , which are available immediately and also we are able to provide just in time deliveries. This is our biggest advantage! We have the best prices in Europe! We are looking forward to doing business with you.


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